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PADI 5 Star Dive Center

We are Southcentral Alaska’s premier PADI 5 Star Dive Center and National Geographic Dive Center! We are your source for quality training and equipment in Alaska.

Last Frontier Diving is Alaska's complete Scuba Diving Center. We have served the Anchorage diving community since 1998 in all aspects of scuba diving.

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Attention warm water divers! We have been seeing a lot of OLD gear come in for service. Unfortunately, gear does not have an unlimited lifespan. The average regulator overhaul costs $181...and goes up from there as we have to start replacing more parts. So, for a limited time, we are offering a Trade In/Trade Up special- bring us your old reg set and upgrade.


Brand new Aqualung Titan/Titan octo/SPG for just $539! That is a 20% savings off of the retail price.


Brand new Apeks ATX 40 with Egress octo, and Apeks SPG. This is a robust regulator good for all types of diving from the Caribbean to the Arctic. Only $685. That is a 15% discount.






Are you looking for a reliable, feature-rich dive computer? We are excited to announce that for a limited time, when you purchase a Suunto Zoop Novo, D4i or Zoop Novo Combo, you will receive a FREE SK-8 compass!! This is a savings of $105. These computers and compass are easy to use and travel with. Divers who own their own gear are likely to dive more often and feel more confident & competent underwater!

Turks and Caicos is filling up fast !


AND Yes! Deep down you really STILL need to dive!


Get certified without tying up two nights a week for four weeks.

Here's how to do it by the numbers.

1. Download and complete the PADI/RSTC Medical Form and bring it with you to the class orientation. Review and complete the medical form as soon as possible in case you need a physician consultation. Please call the shop if you have questions.

2. Sign up for PADI Open Water Course eLearning on line. Click the link below to go to the PADI eLearning page.


Be sure to select OPEN WATER DIVE and affiliate your course with Last Frontier Diving & Adventures

3. Contact LFDA to reserve a class seat. Make reservations as soon as possible. Seats are limited. (Our last classes filled up quickly.)

4. Attend the orientation at Last Frontier Diving & Adventures (LFDA) . Be sure to bring your completed eLearning paper work and PADI/RSTC medical form with you !!!

5. Refer to the calendar below for the current schedule. New classes start monthly.

6. For those that choose to do their open water dives in Alaska there will be a drysuit fitting at the LFDA shop and a drysuit pool session.

7. Final open water dives at the marine park in Whittier.

(Open water in Alaska is optional. You can complete all classroom and pool work with us. Then take your competed packet with you to some place warm and finish up in two days at any other PADI dive center)



PADI eLearning


Final Open Water in Whittier (optional)


LFDA Pool Training


Mask, Snorkel, Fins

Price varies based on choice (10% student discount)