Our repair department offers complete service for all brands of diving equipment including regulators, BCD, dry suit, computers & gauges, cylinders, & more…

Last Frontier Diving filling station can accommodate all your needs including air, nitrox, trimix, & argon fill.

We also offer a full array of cylinder services- visual inspections, hydrostatic testing, tumbles, valve overhaul service and O2 cleaning!

Regulator Repairs Prices
OH Labor any brand each stage $34
First Stage Kit (Most Reg) $40
Second Stage Kit (Most Reg) $27
First Stage Kit (Sherwood) $20
Second Stage Kit (Sherwood) $18
Scubapro First Stage Kit $35
Scubapro Second Stage Kit $29
Scubapro Air II Kit $29
Poseidon First Stage Kit $45
Poseidon Second Stage Kit $29
Regulator Diagnostic $29
Regulator Diagnostic & Assembly $60
Ocean Tech Full Face Mask (Labor)
— Standard Kit —
Ocean Reef Full Face Mask (Labor)
— Standard Kit —
BC Diagnostic $29
Spare Air (Parts & Labor) $65
Valve OH (Parts & Labor) $39
Battery Service (Labor) $24
Dry Suits Prices
Neck Seal (Parts & Labor) $129
Wrist Seal (Parts & Labor each) $65
Ankle Seal (Parts & Labor each) $65
Hood (Parts & Labor) $139
Patches (Parts & Labor) $30
Diving Concept Zipper Medium Duty $399
Diving Concept Zipper Heavy Duty $499
Leak Test in Store $49
Leak Test from Dry Suit Factory
* For Regulator or Dry Suit Rush Service
** Next Day, If Available Extra

General Technician Labor $60.00 per hour
All prices reflect normal services. Additional charges for parts, labor shipping or special handling may be necessary.